Coronavirus Covid-19 started in the month of December 2019 and soon became a matter of global shut down. Almost every retail market remains shut these days, except medical stores and daily grocery stores. As of March 2020, Chinese retail sales has known to be dropped by 20%. The same thing is happening inside the rest of the world. As such, you can conclude what critical condition the global markets are passing through these days. And even if the virus stops infecting, the markets will take longer to recover.

Considering online appearance, the Coronavirus Covid-19 has emerged as a notable factor behind the growth and decline of online traffic for various websites across the world. The websites related to Advertising, Agriculture, Construction, Ecommerce, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Insurance, Real-Estate, Travel, Transportation, Technology, Telecom & Software sectors are dropped by 10 to 50%. Where Media, Pharma, Healthcare, Food, and Finance shows among the growing portion for up to 40%.

Let’s understand what’s Coronavirus Covid-19 and how it managed made the world a partial Zombieland?

What is Coronavirus Covid-19?

Covid-19 belongs to a family of 7 Coronaviruses, scientifically called RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) Viruses that consist of 6 other harmful viruses like the MERS-CoV & SARS-CoV (from the Beta Class), and NL63 (from the Alpha Class), etc. Covid-19 is the newest among all, therefore, it is also called the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV). It also considered as a subclass of SARS-CoV because of the same source of emergence, Bats.

These are all divided into 4 classes, Alpha, Beta, Gamma & Delta in accordance with their intensity. Betas are often deadlier than the Alphas. Viruses like MERS-CoV, SARC-CoV, and Covid-19 are initially found in the animals but get transferred to human hosts commonly in a spill-over event held at an animal reservoir.

As of now, Coronavirus Covid-19 is spreading faster than all others. Moreover, there’s no vaccination of it so far. Therefore, the solution to social distancing and lockdown is being practiced globally. Although it has shattered the peoples’ online marketing efforts everywhere, life shouldn’t fail!!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Effect on Marketers & How to Deal with It?

Of course, it has affected Digital Marketers as well. Digital Marketers work on the basis of SEO, Social Media, Content Writing, PPC & Mailing techniques but what’s the meaning of such efforts if there’s no demand. Let’s understand this through the following points.

Offices Are Closed

Coronavirus has shut numerous Digital Marketing offices across the world. Digital Marketers always need a potential work environment for providing better results. In the offices, employees are provided with proper infrastructure and powerful machines to generate adequate productivity at the end of the day. But now, productivity is getting affected every day. However, digital marketing belongs to the internet so you may switch to work from home. If you run your own firm, make sure that every marketer of your firm must have a PC at home or provide him/her with one. Work from home has two benefits, you don’t need to waste your time traveling to the office and you can save yourself from Coronavirus by social distancing.

Clients Are Withdrawing

Amid Coronavirus, as most of the industries are closed, firms are closed, consequently, digital marketing assignments and projects are closed. It’s quite obvious, why would you do the marketing expenses when there’s no market? People like to research a product before making a buying decision these days, but for now, there’s no research as such. Therefore, your clients have started to withdraw or hold the project temporarily. Don’t panic at this time. Be there with your other customers until the situation changes. Being a marketer, continue to serve your duties for the organization with the same energy and in the meantime try to learn something new.

Remunerations are Stuck

It may be happening in several private firms and its true. On the other side, the workload could have raised. You can share your terms on this, with your superiors. It will surely affect your productivity if you’re not paid properly. However, the issue of Coronavirus is not something permanent. You can instead decide on holding your ground amid salary and pay cut. It depends on you alone.

Termination & Firing

There may be a case when you don’t have anything to do in your firm because of global lockdown and consequently get fired from the office for the same. In this case, you can go for two things, either you can have a discussion over a shift in the job role or you can quit and work as a freelancer. Being a digital marketer, you have the internet to make your way out.

Digital Marketing Activities

Coming back to digital marketing, due to Coronavirus you might have changed your keyword preference and blogging requirements. You need to research your keywords and information on the basis of the recent updates on the virus. So, to have to pay attention to the same. Moreover, you have to prioritize your work schedule according to the client’s instructions. You may have to switch from SEO to PPC, from PPC to Content or from Content to SEO. So, be prepared for the same. You can also suggest the emerging keywords to be ranked to your customer if any portion of his website relates accordingly.


Coronavirus can bring a dual impact on your productivity levels. As the search engines are surely going to experience a massive shift in the keyword preference, you’ll have to change the direction of your productivity accordingly. Moreover, you could get different assignments and projects related to the ongoing internet trend that requires more productivity from your side. Team up to withstand the coming issues and together make a powerful organization.

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Lisa Gassler
CEO, Anteantech