If you’ve decided to invest in SEO, you’ll already understand how it can help to grow your business, but what should you expect from an SEO agency?

With the rise of digitalization in modern industry, the emergence of undeniable facts makes it difficult to deny the importance of ‘SEO.’ There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to SEO but there are still certain expectations for you to have when working with an agency. Every day, someone from a specific region of the world launches their online sites, businesses, and services! So, no matter how hard you work on your business, you must give it the proper exposure.

Search engine optimization is a multifaceted process with numerous components. It has the ability to benefit your business in a variety of ways, which will only help you stay ahead of the competition in the long run. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the common ways an agency can support you in achieving your business goals, so you can better understand how your SEO campaign will work.

What is an SEO agency?

An SEO agency is a company with a team of SEO specialists sometimes supported by other digital experts such as designers and developers who will often have a monthly spend requirement and clients working on a retainer basis. This means that the appropriate clients are reasonably sized businesses who have the budget to support their SEO efforts.

What does an SEO agency do?

A good SEO agency will work with you to develop strategies that will improve the performance of your website in the SERPs. They’ll carry out audits, carry out keyword research, create content plans, conduct content optimisations, ensure you’re tracking everything correctly, and even work with developers to make technical optimisations to your site. You can find out more about the key services an SEO agency delivers later on in this article.

Now, here’s some expectations you should have for an SEO agency:

SEO is a serious long term investment, which means you should expect the following:

1. Time for establishing goals and understanding your company

Before any work begins, your SEO agency should take the time to really get to know your business, audience, competitors and what your goals are.
Without having a deep knowledge of what it is your brand stands for and what your objectives are, how will they ever hit your targets?
A clear and concise strategy should be created and this will help to inform which tasks should be carried out to optimise your ROI for the agreed budget and timeframe.

2. Thorough research and SEO site audits

Successful SEO depends on the following:

SEO site audits and analysis to identify areas for improvement. Performing technical SEO checks can highlight a number of potential performance issues concerning indexing, page speed, content, navigation, images and more. Once the areas to improve are identified, a priority list can be created to implement changes that will optimise your site and improve rankings as well as user experience. Looking for an SEO audit service? We can help! Extensive keyword research and competitor analysis into the terms you want to rank for. SEO ensures that guesswork is thrown out of the window as it allows you to identify the most relevant and important keywords users are actively searching for. It’s also essential to note which target keywords you can realistically compete for to maximise your ROI. Find out more about the importance of developing an effective keyword strategy here.

3. Monitoring and reporting

An SEO agency should be continuously monitoring your site’s performance and traffic levels, providing recommendations for future work throughout the process. All of your highlighted goals should be monitored and covered in a monthly progress report which indicates what is and isn’t working. The report is an opportunity for you to better understand your site and the tasks which have been carried out, ask any questions and share any new products or services you’d like to push and increase visibility for.

4. Site health checks

SEO is an ongoing effort to ensure the smooth running and consistent performance of your website. Your accounts on Google Analytics (GA), Google Search Console and any other SEO tools can be monitored for changes. Site crawls should be undertaken to find any errors such as broken links, duplicate content or poor backlinks so that they may be fixed either by themselves or your web development team.

5. Transparency

Throughout your communication with your SEO agency, you want them to be totally transparent and realistic about how your goals will be met. It’s important for you to understand the tasks which are being carried out and why – to be clear, SEO is a field where there isn’t always a straightforward path to follow to get results; some techniques may not work out as hoped but this will better inform the strategy and future plan of action.

6. Results! (but not immediately)

At the end of the day, you’re hiring an SEO agency to boost your sales, traffic and ROI so it’s fair to expect to see some significant improvements. That said, successful SEO does take time and you should be very cautious of any SEO companies who are promising you quick results.
It could take a number of months for you to see your traffic and revenue increase, especially because it can take time for search engines such as Google to reward your efforts. If you are seeing some positive results then you can safely say your SEO campaign is paying off.

Here are some of the essential services that your SEO provider will provide for you!

  • SEO auditing to gain a comprehensive understanding of custom strategy
  • Analysis of competitors to keep track of online and offline competitors
  • Customized strategies for maximizing the return on investment from quality SEO
  • Off-page optimization entails using backlinks, references, and external websites to help your site.
  • On-page optimization includes things like updating features and content on the website.
  • Monthly status reports that include the number of clicks, how your visitors navigated, why they liked what they liked, and much more.
  • You might be interested to know that Google receives approximately 3.5 million online searches per day! This means that people from all over the country and the world are looking for your business and the services you provide.

How digital marketing services helps startup grow quickly

According to SEO India reviews, approximately 90.89 percent of Google pages are invisible. Yes! You certainly do not want your hard-earned business to be among the 91 percent. SEO is an important aspect of obtaining links from 100 percent unique online portals and sites.

How much do SEO agencies generally charge?

How much SEO will cost will vary across clients depending on the scale of your project, how competitive your sector is and how experienced the SEO agency is. It’s important to remember that SEO is not a ‘quick fix’ and it will likely take a number of months before you begin to notice significant changes in traffic and revenue which is of course something to factor into your budget.

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