Just after a usual farewell to Christmas, people start to pledge over numerous things to implement into New Year. Obviously, everyone wants to surpass their old lifestyle and move one step forward on self-development. It’s a very good behavioral trait indeed, however, a New Year Resolution is meaning-less without a proper structure.

Appending the following techniques can definitely help you with your resolution ideas for the upcoming year.

Plan in Parts: Yes, you read it right! It is seen very often that your personal plans easily get lost. However, it doesn’t normally happen in workplaces or corporate environments. What’s exactly the difference? The difference is simply goals. Why do we make everyday goals at the office? To continuously establish a balance on our way to long term aims. The future is always uncertain and therefore we need regular goals to be achieved first. Furthermore, sometimes we aren’t even able to achieve regular goals but that’s fine. At least it doesn’t lead to a great waste of time.

Improve: New Year should never be an excuse for skipping your pending problems. It should always be an opportunity to get up and fight back. It doesn’t mean you should not try anything new. Definitely you should try to learn and experience new things but first try to resolve your pending issues; or else you won’t be able to concentrate properly on anything new. Get a notebook and list down all the remaining tasks and actions essential to you. Try to find a fresh solution to a long old problem and try to overcome it in parts and not as a whole. The best way to escape your problems is to face them.

Command: Unlike our personal life, we need to continuously get over certain deadlines and targets every week or month. Failing to do so, associates with a few threats like Demotion, Termination, or Deduction in the Salary. Because of that, we try to focus more and give our best to it. On the other hand, a New Year Resolution is completely private to you. There’s no outside command, or any deadline, no chance of punishment at all. Here you need a serious discipline to maintain which never grows overnight. It fetches your habits slowly. Learn how to control your mind every day from common activities to major actions.

Never Give Up: It’s a line we use to listen like very often now a day and one should definitely follow it. But it is isn’t enough. What if you’re regularly lifting your spirit but towards the wrong mountain? What if you’re not working on your passion? Believe it or not, but that happens every day all over the world. First, try to find out where you want to land. Then it comes to find out all the possible ways to your aim. You may fail several times as the paths are several too, but then that’s honestly the challenge, don’t you think? Moreover, you get to learn from your mistakes as well.

Softneph is all ready to welcome the beautiful 2020 and is going to set many essential goals for an influential and fresh beginning.

The Softneph team wishes you a Very Happy New Year!

As one of the owners of my company we have worked with Softneph and his team on Four projects over the course of 1 years. We have been very impressed with responsiveness and level of communication. I was very pleased with the work done by Softneph.

Lisa Gassler
CEO, Anteantech